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Slot Sensors are available in 3mm, 5mm , 20mm, 50mm. 100mm slot width.
Which is used for label sensing , for object sensing, Pharmaceutical application – For Colour ampule sensing, for water drop sensing, For Thread sensing, For lift Application,


In this type of Diffuse Scan Sensor, the monitored object is used here to divert the beam from the transmitter to the receiver

Which is used for Industrial automation, packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, Transparent glass bottle sensing, Corrugated box sensing, Mobile rack application, Food processing industry (e.g.Masala sensing ), Bottle cap sensing,


In this type of Through Scan Sensor , Transmitter and Receiver are housed separately.

Which is used for Industrial automation, For level sensing, Mobile rack application, Cement processing application, For object counting, industry, For automatic gate opening and closing, Sheet height detection application, For Hopper level sensing, For Tablet positioning detection , For loop control system,, Edge Guide control system, For printing industry to sense paper breakage,


In this type of Retroreflective Scan Sensor, Reflector is used to direct the beam from Transmitter to Receiver, both of which are housed together. This type is specially designed for application where space is at a premium.

For Human detection - Security application,


  • REGISTRATION MARK SENSOR - It is available in 93 x 67 x 37mm housing with range 12mm.
  • Used in Packaging industry
  • Anti Crane Collision Switch - Unit has inbuilt Infra Red Transmitter & Receiver along with reflector used in this system
  • Used in Crane application to avoid collision of crane, Railway application
  • Power Packs – Offers various types of power packs for different application and used various processes.
  • Used for Automation purpose.
  • Flame Sensor – It is used for yellow flame sensing and is available in M 18 housing.
  • Window Sensor – This is specialised window to sense small objects ( e.g. resistor, capacitors, pins etc.)


Laser sensor is used to sense the smaller object. A visible laser beam is provided in the unit for sensing the target part.

Used for indicating the Target part, CEAT / APOLLO / MRF - contrast sensing
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Inductive Proximity - Inductive proximity switch is used for sensing Ferrous material. It is available in
AC and DC supply models with range from 1 mm to 20mm

It is used for sensing metal part of the machines which is used for production counting,

Capacitive Proximity - Capacitive proximity switch is used for sensing Ferrous and non Ferrous material. It is available in DC supply models with range 6 and 15 mm.

It is used for powder sensing, water level sensing

Analogue Proximity –Analogue proximity is used for sensing Ferrous material with output 0 – 10V DC.

Magnetic Proximity Switch –


Safety Light curtains are used for preventing injuries of hand / Finger / Body part while working at

Power Presses for metal, processing machines for wood, plastics, leather, rubber etc. , Bending machines, Rubber moulding machines, SPMs, Storage systems, Injection molding machines. Pneumatic / Hydraulic Presses

Safety Light Curtain which is also used for paint booth application, For Height measurement system , For Area Sensing, For Passage Confirmation , For Automatic Toll monitoring system, For Hole detection system for Tyre application


  • Event / Preset / Thumb wheel Counter-These counters are used for counting pulses / events / production etc. It is a Simple counter widely used in industries for production counting
  • It is used for sensing metal part of the machines which is used for production counting,
  • Miniature Counter -This is a basic counter in 13mm display size available in supply voltage 12/24V
  • AC/DC or 230V AC
  • It is used for Small machine , Vending machines for production counting.
  • Length Counter : This counter is displays length in meters, it is housed in 48 x 96 x 110mm.It is used in textile application, paper industry for cutting of material as per the required length automatically
  • Line Speed Indicator-This counter is displays linear speed of web directly in meters per minute. It is used in web control / tension control for films, paper, cloth etc.
  • Coil Winding Machine Counter-This is a totalizer counter with up/ down counting facility. A counter is required which counts in UP direction when rotating in forward direction. It should count in down when the motor rotates in reverse direction. This counter is used for winding machine.
  • RPM Indicator-This counter is used for counting RPM of the system. It directly displays RPM of the rotating system.
  • It is used for measuring Engine RPM .
  • Speed Switch / Zero Speed Switch-
  • Speed Switch - This counter is used in all sort of industries for monitoring motor
  • speed as per preset RPM.
  • Zero Speed Switch - The Zero speed switches scan s for speed when it receives the signal . When speed drops to zero and output ( potential free ) is energised ,it can be applied for tripping the system or giving warning signal
  • RPM Indicator with Analog / Digital output-This counter is used for RPM with analog / digital output with settable output vehicle indication system.


Digital Timer-This is a digital Timer with the selection facility of 4 modes – ON Delay , OFF Delay, Cyclic ON First , Cyclic OFF first with 2 relay output It is used in the industrial automation system.

Time Totalizer / Hour Meter-In this counter is Timing pulse internally generated. Display reading in Hours, Minutes and seconds

It is used in the industrial automation system. Sequential Timer-In this timer, 6 relay times are independently adjustable upto 99 Sec. / Min. Selectable. ON / OFF Time independently adjustable.
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Universal Indicator -This are used in displaying various parameters such as, temperature, pressure, flow viscosity, pH, displacement, speed, etc; proportional to the input signal. and accepts Universal Input either 0 – 10 V DC or 4 – 20mA.

Temperature Indicator Big Display -This are used in displaying temperature , input through PT 100 or J / K Type
Thermocouple. Display size is 4 inch seven segment display.


Magnetic Float Level Sensor -Magnetic Float level sensor are used for sensing the level of liquid in storage tanks, reservoirs, hoppers, and are ideal for automatic pump control, audio and visual alarms, & safety interlocks etc;

Capacitance Type Level Sensor -Capacitance Type Level Sensor is suitable for sensing level of Non Conductive liquid & solids in storage tanks, reservoirs, hoppers, and for automatic pump control, audio and visual alarms, & safety interlocks etc;

Ultrasonic Level Sensor -Ultrasonic level sensor is used in Hopper applications to monitor and control the level of liquid or solid material.
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